Homemade Ghee and it's benefits

I still remember the taste and smell of homemade ghee, especially that my mother used to make. Now I make my own too, except I used store bought unsalted butter, where as my Mom would make every thing from the scratch, but it is still of great achievement for me that I was able to make it all by myself, and it tasted absolutely delicious.

In India we make everything at home, like butter, butter milk, ghee. Ghee is clarified butter. My mom used to boil milk everyday and once it cools down it forms a layer of cream on top, she used to collect this cream every single day, out of this cream she used to make butter. Once this butter is done, you melt it slowly on a medium flame to form ghee!


Growing up in India we use ghee on a daily basis, we add it on top of chapathis, rotis, on rice and dal, we use ghee to make very delicious sweets during festivals. Ghee is also used for lighting a lamp to God, also used for dry skin, chapped lips, the list goes on.


Only now I found out this ghee has numerous health benefits, I always thought eating ghee would make you fat, but turns out it is actually healthy when consumed in moderation.

Ghee was once thought to be unhealthy because it is saturated, but research has now revealed the truth about fats and oils. Ghee is one of the seven healthy fats YOU NEED in your kitchen.

Lets see what are the health benefits it has:

Nutritional values -

  • Ghee is composed primarily of fats, but it also contains significant levels of vitamin A, vitamin E, and vitamin D. Most of them think of fats as unhealthy in our diet, the body also needs fat too, to function. Omega-3s (monounsaturated fats) are healthy forms of fat that can be found in ghee,
  • In addition to other  fatty acids like conjugated linoleic acid and butyric acid, an antioxidant with anti-viral properties if it is sourced from grass fed cows.


Health benefits -

  1. Boots immune system
  2. Boots energy levels
  3. Helps in maintaining a healthy heart
  4. Weight management
  5. Digestion and Immune Strengthening
  6. Ghee is Nutritionally Rich Like Coconut Oil
  7. Helps to reduce inflammation in gastrointestinal tact
  8. Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Cancer


Ghee sounds like an ideal substitute for butter; however, ghee is made purely of fat, so excessive consumption of ghee can change your fat intake and can act as a negative dietary choice. Be careful about your intake and study the fat content of the ghee you choose to consume.

When I buy butter to make ghee I make sure it is a very good quality butter, usually made from grass fed cows. I have linked the butter I buy to make ghee, I have tried and tested various other brands and this one I found the best and tastes more like the one we get in India.

Ghee has a long shelf life and can be stored in room temperature, make sure not to use a wet spoon then you might spoil it and it will get all fungusy, based on experience :)



Read more about Ghee - 15 Amazing Benefits of Ghee

  Homemade Ghee and it's benefits
Homemade Ghee and it's benefits
Prep Time: 15 mins
Servings: Makes about 350 to 400 ml
    • 2 blocks of good quality unsalted butter
    • A heavy bottom pan, preferably non stick
    • A very fine strainer or a cheese cloth
    • Air tight glass container to store
    1. Add both the blocks of butter into the heavy bottom pan and start to melt the butter on medium low heat.
    2. Once the butter has fully melted reduce the flame to low and let it simmer, this process takes from 10 to 15 mins.
    3. You will see it will begin to get all frothy.
    4. The next stage the froth will start to disappear and you should notice clear bubbles
    5. You will see the milk solids will begin to settle at the bottom, like tiny brown particles.
    6. Remove from the heat and let it cool completely.
    7. Using strainer or a cheese cloth pour it into the glass container.
    8. The next day it would have solidified. Ready to use. 

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