Classic French Toasts

Sunday’s are for French toasts or pancakes, yummm! too hard to decide which one I want the most. 

Classic French Toasts

I remember my Mom used to make the best French toasts ever and this recipe is how she would make them. On a lazy Sunday morning, we used to wake to late and Mom would be in the kitchen preparing breakfast, Sunday’s would be spent lazing around, eating and sometimes maybe with a trip to the shopping center in the evening. Every time I have these it brings back childhood memories!

Classic French Toasts

Now it’s pretty much the same here a home, I am the Mom who makes a lazy Sunday breakfast, it’s either pancakes or these classic My Mom’s French toasts, here is my Wholewheat pancakes if you would like to give that a try. 

My boys love them. I use butter for my little fella to fry, for us I switch to coconut oil. Topped with any seasonal fresh fruits and drizzled with honey it’s a combination of pure pleasure :)

Classic French Toasts

Hope you enjoy this recipe as much as we do at home. 

I hope you enjoy it just as much as we did at home. If you try my recipe please do remember to use my hashtag #soulfulandhealthy on social media so I can see your beautiful creations.

If you love it please do share it with family and friends.

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Enjoy your Sunday!️

Warm hugs


  Classic French Toasts
Classic French Toasts
Prep Time: Under 20 mins
Servings: Makes 10 Slices
    • 10 slices of white or brown bread slices
    • 1 and 1/2 cups of whole milk (milk of choice)
    • 2 organic free range eggs
    • 1 tsp vanilla essence
    • 1/2 tsp ground cinnamon 
    • Salt to taste
    • Butter or coconut oil for frying
    1. In a large bowl mix together milk, eggs, vanilla essence, ground cinnamon and salt, use a wire whisk to mix well (do not beat it).
    2. Heat a tsp of butter or coconut oil on a non-stick pan. Dip the bread slices, make sure it is nicely coated on all side. Pan fry on both side, until well done, take 3 to 4 mins.
    3. Repeat the same for all slices.
    4. Serve warm, topped with seasonal fruits, honey or maple syrup. Enjoy!

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