Dry fruits ladoo (dry fruits raw energy ball)

In India during any festival the most important part is the food, apart from the religious prayers (puja) to God and all the grand colors and decorations, sigh! I miss India so much, especially during a festival.

Dry Fruits Ladoo

I remember my mom used to wake up early and prepare so many delicious food, so many varieties of vegetables and sweets. After moving to Ireland I try my best to teach my son all the beautiful festivities, culture and the delicious food of my lovely country.

Dry Fruits Ladoo

Dry Fruits Ladoo

I made this very simple, easy not to mention healthy, vegan dry fruits ladoo (what we call it in India, a dry fruits raw ball) for Ganesh festival this year. We in India offer sweets to God, along with fruits and flowers.

Dry Fruits Ladoo

So coming back to the recipe it requires very few ingredients, but is packed with lots of nutrition.

  Dry fruits ladoo (dry fruits raw energy ball)
Dry fruits ladoo (dry fruits raw energy ball)
Prep Time: Under 30 mins
Servings: Makes 12 ladoos
    • 250 grams of dates (pitted)
    • 150 grams of mixed dry fruits like cashews, pistachios, walnuts
    • 1 to 2 tbsp of maple syrup or honey
    • Dedicated coconut to roll the balls
    1. Add all the ingredients into the food processor
    2. First try adding only one tbsp of maple syrup or honey and blend
    3. If they still don’t come together, to be able to form balls then add another tablespoon
    4. Make small balls in your palms
    5. Roll the balls over desiccated coconut

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